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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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meteorologist justin drabick who is tracking the latest, justin. >> still early in the game here, lot of the guidance has a problem handling this type offset up to deal w is there so much going up in the upper atmosphere. joaquin looking good on the satellite imagery. 175 miles east of the the bohamas. it will sit out here for another couple days or so before potentially a jet stream over the deep south picks this storm up and then send it northward. until then we are still dealing with cloud around the region. maybe a couple of showers this evening. cold front that came on through. starting to feel difference in the temperatures as well and that front hangs up over the next 24 to 48 hours and another wave of rain will return to our region, later on, thursday night into friday. that is not associated with joaquin but as far as joaquin goes here's what we know. expected to intensified to a category two or three over the next 24 hours and u.s. land fall is certainly a possibility. it looks like highest risk is mid-atlantic but exact track is uncertain is is.
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reason two big large models, gfs tracks it inland. european model keeps it out to sea. we have to give it more time to see where it is going. here's where they are trying to take this storm a lot of them still all over the the place but there is a little more consensus toward north carolina for land fall later sunday into monday but a few models take it out to sea, some track it further north toward the new jersey coastline. and thursday night into saturday, and period of heavy rain and win, associated with a cold front. then we will focus on joaquin sunday into monday. depending on the exact track of the storm we could be dealing with heavy rain and wind. we will get to that forecast in a few more minutes, jessica, back over to you. still too early to tell exactly where joaquin will go but some down the shore are getting ready just in case. our cleve bryan is live in ocean city wiz more on that, cleve.
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>> reporter: well, concern is erosion. this is the tube at fifth street, and this just happened the past week and a half because of strong wind, and surf. joaquin promises to possibly bring a much more bigger impact to the area and it social that remind people of the storm a few years ago that still gives them nightmares. >> last time, pow, baby and it wasn't pretty. >> reporter: memories of the super storm sandy drove conversation at new jersey shore as we prepare for possibility of hurricane joaquin. >> little scary ever since sandy, you know, it is scary but we are ready for it. >> i hope it doesn't it. it is a chance that it will hit. it is a chance it will hit up north, down south. so we will see. >> reporter: emergency managers at the shore say it is too early to sound the alarm but never too soon to prepare. atlantic city crews urgently removed life guard boats from the beaches. they are making sure high water trucks are ready to go and rescue boats are in position. >> we will put a couple boats in each one of the firehousees a and jet skis in case, to have them there over weekend
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in case this develops into something more severe. >> reporter: low lying areas are normally prone to flooding with a lot have rain but tidal surge from joaquin can cause a much more dangerous situation. >> possibly over next five or six days we will get over 5 inches of rain. we are worried about storm water coming in, but we're also looking at rainwater and our normal drainage. >> reporter: officials are calling on people to start getting their hoping ready for flooding or possibility of power out ages. >> i think we're prepared, aren't we? >> yeah. >> we're prepared. >> reporter: so joaquin can be the main event, a a few days from now but coming up, tomorrow, and then next day we do have to worry about that rain. ocean city put out an advisory there could be moderate to major tidal flooding and anybody who has cars in low lying areas should find somewhere else to park them. we are live in ocean city, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and we have put up important information on cbs find a guide to preparing for a hurricane and you can just
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click on the lincoln our own home page. only "eyewitness news" is there as one of two suspects wanted in a heinous crime was brought in custody. they are charged with beating and robbing an elderly veteran in chester county. story is unfolding in west vincentown ship where "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is standing by right now, alex? >> reporter: well, ukee, just a couple days before this violent encounter investigators say that 27 year-old zachary hails was performing some sort of repair work inside the home and must have seen a couple of things that made it worthy of a second visit. zachary hails of pottstown hung his head following his arraignment before a chester county judge. he and a accused accomplice 24 year-old john reids of stowe have been charged with a july robbery, and attack of an 81 year-old man inside of his west vincent home. >> he was a korean war veteran. he served his country and then he ended up being assaulted by these two drug addicts.
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>> reporter: strong word for a savage incident. county prosecutors say that hails, a former appliance repairman, a at the home, stayed in the car while reids knocked on the victim's door claiming that the property's basement was flooded. >> this gentlemen knew there wasn't anything wrong with water in his basement. he was then shoved in the home, thrown in the bedroom, he had blankets thrown over him. he was threatened that if he tried to get out of the bed, they would shoot him. >> reporter: detectives termed that hails and reids then drove off with about $400 cash, a lap top, prescription pills, and. >> even jewelry that belonged to his late wife. >> reporter: police say they track two suspects down using public sightings of the getaway vehicle with the cell phone record and there is a take away when it comes to letting strangers in to the home. >> if they see that you live alone, they see you pay in cash, they know that the home is isolated, people pray on those kinds of clues that makes someone a good victim.
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>> reporter: detectives say that the same cell phone information that led them to these two suspects also revealed that right after the robbery of the home, those two suspects went to the kensington area of philadelphia, to buy heroin. reporting live from chester county tonight, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". alex, police are pulling through surveillance video tonight after a violent home invasion in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. police say two masked men entered the home on the 1300 block of seller street and held a grandfather at gunpoint. his wife and grandson hid in a nearby room as gunman ransack the home. victim's asked that we not reveal their faces or names. >> i didn't get up until my husband came in the room and said call 911, he was tied up, and then put something on his face. >> the burglars stole valuable electronics and cash, no suspects in custody a at this time but detectives say, they were many surveillance cameras on the block. family was not harmed during
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burglary. a bustleton man is facing charges for vandalizing a playground named for a fallen philadelphia police officer. this is the suspect 19 year-old nicholas holland, hoist charged with criminal conspiracy, burglary, criminal trespass and other charges. that took place at danny boyle playground in somerton last month. police say holland broke in the storage shed, stole paint and sprayed graffiti. fbi is mounting a major new effort to solve heart breaking disappearance of richard pet ron and danielle imbo decades ago. billboards are flashing information and reward offers from maine to florida. pet ron's the mother tells "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter that she hopes national exposure will at last bring answers. >> what happened to him, you know, happened to my son? where is my son. >> reporter: ten years after her son richard petrone and his girlfriend danielle imbo vanished along with their pick up, leaving a south street restaurant, the the pain for richard's mother marge, never
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fades. >> i would like to say it is easier walt but it doesn't. it gets hearter to live with every day neglect that someone is still out there that did this. >> reporter: now hoping to catch those who abduct and murdered the couple, the fbi will be using billboard like this one from maine to florida, a major nationales lacing of their investigation. >> for his sake, you know, we went stop, until we get an answer. >> i'm a little more confident then i had been in the past that we will get to, we will get to a conclusion. >> reporter: case agent veto rosily says leads developed from an fbi push last february on the tenth anniversary of the disappearance, sparked the new national expansion of the search. >> with those leads we are following through hopefully to a good conclusion. >> reporter: meanwhile marge petrone, among hundreds of the thousands on the parkway sunday, praying for answers. >> there was no way i was
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missing, not seeing the pope and praying for my son and it just felt, it felt like he will help me i know it. >> reporter: her daughter and richard's grandson timmy leaving wishes a at knotted grotto hoping prayers and new fbi initiative at last will bring justice. >> i know i will never see my son again. i know that. but i know my son would want this. he would want us to see, because wow do it for us. he would want to us keep trying. >> reporter: fbi says while it is eager for any information on the case, after ten years, the hope that is someone with specific knowledge of the crime and who did it will come forward providing answers that will help ease agony for families, agony that has new stretched on for more than a decade. live from the at sat center i'm walt hunter, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thank you. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" high hopes across the country and here in our air yacht power ball jackpot grows, even higher. what a winning ticket
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tonight could get you and here's a hint, it is a lot, vittoria. we are live at the academy of natural sciences and we will play a game, never have i touched a blue tongue, or fed a snake. i will not be doing that next. but coming up, we will find out what this guy eats. justin? scary stuff here, we will talk about some showers, left over, this evening, and then all eyes focused on hurricane joaquin where will the storm be heading ? i will let you know in the eyewitness seven day forecast.
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coming up at 11:00 a drug free non-invasive way to stop pain. it is a strap you wear on your leg. health reporter stephanie stahl will show you how the f.d.a. approved device works tonight at 11:00 o'clock. wow, the jackpot for tonight a's power ball drawing is now more than $300 million. >> the odds of winning about one in 175 million. the the power ball is played in 44 states, including pennsylvania, new jersey, and
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delaware. you have until 9:45 to get those tickets. >> um-hmm, if you play, good luck to you. reptiles in philadelphia, they are now available to see, if you are up to it. >> vittoria woodill is at the the academy of natural sciences for a sneak peak and vittoria, you are up to it. >> i am up to it, i am a alive. it is safe everyone. it is safe. no, we really are having a great time and so lucky to be here with james woods. he is a reptile specialist here at the exhibit. exhibit is called reptiles, the beautiful and the deadly. and i know you saw this earlier before we came to the story, but jake is a a pro atrophieding these things, and you won't believe what this guy eats, jake. >> so right behind us here is a python, now this python will eat a five or 8-pound rabbit about once a month, and so she should be getting fed here pretty soon. it is a fun thing to watch. >> five to 8-pound rabbit once
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a month. why only once a month. >> they use their food differently then we do. we're constantly eat to go burn calories to keep ourself warm. these guys need to eat calories for movement, growth and that kind of stuff. it is different. >> i feel like i need to eat something every five minutes, jake. >> that is why. >> this is a interesting snake as well. very, very friendly. very friendly. >> so compared to our big python behind us this milk snake. instead of eating once every month she eats once every week and she gets a nice tasty mouse. >> and this snake has a pretty interesting story, farmers used to think it was taking milk from the cow. >> that is right. they go and things like rats, mice, that is what they love. but, farmers with go in there, and see cows that didn't have have milk. they see snake and say that snake is stealing my cow's milk. that is where they get the name milk snake from. >> pretty cool. >> thanks very much. >> coming with the exhibit is
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jake, so next time you come here, you will want to find jake and exhibit. you can find the the exhibit right here at the academy of natural sciences for drexel university, and the hours are 10:00 to 4:00, monday through friday and then ten to 4:00, and this exhibit will be here until about january or so. so you have plenty of time to come and catch all these wild things. i have to tell you it is really something super cool and made me a little bit, more warm when it comes to warming up to these creatures. pretty cool thing, you guys. >> we are proud of you, good work, vittoria, mission accomplished. >> jake is a man who truly loves his work. i'll tell you what. fun to much was, tasty little mouth. >> jake, jake. >> yes. >> your eyes are on, all of the rain we're getting in different days, and so much going on. we have another round of heavy rain this week and we will watch joaquin which is second had half of the weekend. this is still four days out. that is why track is still
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uncertain as guidance really has a tough time handling this atmosphere set up. we do know we will get rainfall over next 48 hours and check it out we are starting to make some ground on where we have been over past few months but we're only down about a inch of rain now, since july 1st for philadelphia. so again, it is getting better here but we don't need 6 inches of rain additional. that is what we could see over the next five days. it all just depend on the exact set up and where joaquin head. we have a couple showers over philadelphia, right now. that is what is left of the cold front which is sliding off shore. noticeably cooler. later tonight and certainly on thursday we are dealing with dryer conditions, before another round of some steady rain returns to the delaware valley. again all because of the front that is stalled off shore. there is joaquin looking great on the satellite imagery east of the bohamas, again, still disconnect from the main flow of the you had. we are waiting for that connection to return. and that will determine where exactly joaquin heads. look at the temperatures down
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to 71 in philadelphia low to mid 70's south jersey. is there cool air to the north and west. fall weather fans this is what you have been waiting for. that will get here over next 24 hours. it is because of the front that is stalled off shore. breeze kicks up out of the northeast over the the next several days and weekend. it will be windy, especially at jersey shore. it has been like. that potential for minor coastal flooding. through the weekend and next week. that is not because of joaquin this front still lingering over us brings that round of rain on friday and then as we get in the second half of the weekend we will watch joaquin. coastal impacts this weekend from the high pressure, pressure difference could be gusting those wind over 50 miles an hour. beach erosion, rough surf dangerous rip currents for sure. so not good bet to enter the the ocean to plan to do swimming. that is not good smart idea. as far as rain goes, thursday late in the day we will see steady rain return. that is off and on throughout the day friday. that rain could be heavy. saturday we will catch a break. here's the latest on joaquin,
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wind at 85 miles an hour gusting to 105. track takes it to the southwest, and then shifts it back north and this is sunday, still potentially a category two hurricane maybe making land fall along north carolina coastline and weakens inland this would bring rain to delaware valley if that track verifies. through saturday maybe 2 inches of rain, more as you head further south then the east or west. the let's add in sunday and machine for joaquin the heart of the rain here bull's eye would be down across central virginia, up to 10 inches of rain. that is almost like a, better case scenario if that track does head through carolinas. stay showers tonight, 58 degrees. tomorrow mostly cloudy, breezy, rain is late. breaking down your temperatures cool start. we will be in the 50's, again by mid afternoon, only in the lower 60's, that rain returns, thursday night into friday. and steady rain, 58 for the high friday and they are back to the 60's saturday, sunday and monday and we will wait ch
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early, division up for grabs, big game on sunday. >> one win we are all hopeful again. it is great. >> come on. >> and the eagles back at practice today, and as they get set to take on a division rival in tc. it is an important one, a win would put birds back at 500 and would go a long way in helping fans forget that brutal zero and two start. offence has been bleak to say the least, but bird say they are close to breaking out. >> i don't think it is a long ways off. i think that it is a small correction here and there. i think once we get in writ will and sync hopefully this thing can take off. >> one or two drives to get it going. once we get rolling then it will be confident back and we won't be stopped from there. we have to get this thing rolling. >> something has to give on sunday, redskins has fourth best rushing offence in
6:24 pm
football, eagles are eighth in run defense. connor barwin says, success means nothing without w's in the record column. >> yeah, we have been stopping the run but i'm in the beating my chest, we have two losses and one win. we have a lot to improve on. obviously we want to be better against the run and as i have said, we have got a big challenge with the redskins, on sunday. chip kelly says he doesn't think kiko alonzo needs surgery on his injured knee. alonzo, acquired from buffalo in the trade that sent lesean mccoy to the bills hurt his left knee against cowboys in week two. kiko missed all of 2014 with the acl tear in the very same knee. lets switch gears. there is still time to vote for our friday football frenzy game of the week. we will be broadcasting from the winner's school this friday. go to cbs to vote. here are options for the week monsignor bonner at archbishop carol. cardinal o'hara at academy
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park. and frankford at simon gratz. you have until 10:00 p.m. to vote. we will announce winner tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. righty alex asher takes mound tonight at citizens bank park trying to get his first win of the year against nl east champion mets. first pitch 7:05. tomorrow's game has been rescheduled to 12:05 instead of the 7:05 due to the possibility have rain in the forecast. philadelphia union are hosting sporting kansas city in the fines of the u.s. open cup. union struggled in mls play but they are making second straight appearance in the open cup finals. they lost to the seattle sounders sporting kc won in 2012. match begins at 7:00 at ppl park. more practice action for the orange and black tonight, the devils make their way to the wells fargo center to face the flyers, in a preseason game, the regular season for the fly guys begins october 8th in tampa bay. we're talking regular season and not practice. not practice.
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>> the real deal. >> next week. thanks buddy, we appreciate royal caribbean's wow sale is back. buy one get one half off. plus free upgrades and up to $200 onboard spending money. it all ends september 30th, so call 1-800-royal-caribbean or your travel agent today.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station the cw philly and we're back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. coming up next, "cbs evening news" tonight. congress end a time honored traditions at one of america's national parks. from new york here's scott pelley. take care family. we will see you tonight.
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>> pelley: heavy rain and flooding hit the east coast. ed it could be just the beginning. hurricane joaquin is on the way. also tonight, the world just got more dangerous with u.s. and russian warplanes in the same skies on opposite sides. refinery disasters, the one that happened and the bigger one that almost did. and a way of life is coming to an end for the gladesmen. >> my grandfather used to take me out here when i was a kid. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: have a look at the rain in maine. cars up to their gas caps, a storm system is whipping up scenes just like this all the way from florida to new england. it's likely to get


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